Island History

A Nostalgic Timeline – Isle of Palms, SC

The original inhabitants of the Isle of Palms, which was first known as Hunting Island, were the Sewee Indians. The island was later named Long Island because of its elongated shape. The first man to own Long Island was an … Continue reading

The Creation of Wild Dunes

Nestled on the northern tip of Isle of Palms, Wild Dunes has become South Carolina’s premier oceanfront resort. But it wasn’t long ago that the 1600 acre tract of land enjoyed today by residents and guests alike was home to … Continue reading

The Life & Times of J.C. Long

On December 12, 1944 J.C. Long, a prominent Charleston attorney, purchased 1,300 acres of land on the Isle of Palms. His vision of greatness would change the Isle of Palms Forever. Long and his development company, The Beach Company, not … Continue reading

Isle of Palms – Paradise…Then & Now.

The history of the Isle of Palms goes back to ancient times. Thought to be at least 25,000 years old-its first settlers were the Sewee Indians who, no doubt, were as awed by its gleaming shores and lush tropical growth … Continue reading

Snakes in the Garden

Back in the days when Elvis the Skinny was king and “gay” was synonymous with merry, there lived on the Isle of Palms a couple of big time New York gangsters. The gangsters’ sojourn on the Isle of Palms is … Continue reading

The Legend of Goat Island

There is a tiny barrier island, only 200 yards off the Isle of Palms, where legend still lingers. It is called Goat Island. In the early ’30s, a man and his wife lived there in self-exile without electricity or water, … Continue reading

Isle of Palms, SC – Firsts

First Inhabitants Sewee Indians First Name of Island Hunting Island First Title Owner of Island Thomas Holton of Barbados – 1696 First Home Built on Island Summer Residence of the Nicholas Sottile family – 1898 First Called Isle of Palms … Continue reading

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