Landlocked: David J. Price Remembers Hurricane Hugo

If ever Sullivan’s Island Police Sgt. David J. Price could erase a period of his life, he would most certainly eliminate the last two weeks of September and the first two weeks of October, 1989. During those four weeks, Price lost 99 percent of his worldly possessions, protected a devastated jurisdiction, shared the grief and sorrow of his fellow residents on Sullivan's … [Read more...]

Night of Wind and Water

"I would like to have been somewhere where I could have seen it," says a Lowcountry resident who lost everything to Hugo. It's a reaction shared by many, and is perhaps a desire to understand more fully the source this incredible destruction. As the fiercest storm in modern history made landfall on the Isle of Palms, two young Medical University of South Carolina students were … [Read more...]

Nightmare in McClellanville

"We made it Evangeline. The worst is over." These were the words that Thomas Williams spoke to his wife as he looked out the back door of his McClellanville home during the calm of Hugo's eye. The view before him was pretty bad but it wasn't devastating. For the most part, his house and the houses of his friends and relatives on DuPre street were in good shape. There was no … [Read more...]

Isle in the Eye

It was 8 a.m., Sept. 25, four days beyond Hugo. After an all night drive from Atlanta, my son's evacuation home, I boarded the harbor-tour boat at Patriot's Point for a return to the devastated Isle of Palms. In a pouring rain that added to the gloom, we were a rag-tag crowd gathered from all points of shelter. Having run the curfew gauntlets, dodged fallen trees and avoided … [Read more...]